RAAB Trainers

RAAB Trainers

RAAB trainers are integral to RAAB, providing high-quality standardised support to partners throughout their planning, data collection and analysis, and then in the use and dissemination of results. Trainers are independent, and determine their own relationship with partners.

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To ensure that we continue to generate high-quality data to support the eye health sector, we have launched the first RAAB7 'Training of Trainers' Programme, to train a new cohort of trainers to deliver RAAB7. The programme starts on 9th October 2023. Applications for this programme have now closed. 

This hybrid online and in-person programme has been developed in conjunction with key stakeholders in global eye health. The programme consists of six weeks of supported online learning (one module per week, approximately six hours of learning per module), a structured observation by a senior RAAB Trainer and written coursework. There is no fee for completion of the programme, but applicants must be able to show that they or their organisation can cover the costs of a Senior RAAB Trainer to conduct the in-person structured observation.

Who can apply to be a RAAB Trainer?

The programme has been designed for current and prospective global eye health practitioners who are interested in becoming qualified RAAB trainers. Essential qualifications include at least 5 years' prior experience in global eye health planning or public health planning and a degree in a relevant subject or equivalent experience.

Applications for the October 2023 Programme are now closed.

As well as providing professional development and contributing to improving global eye health, being a RAAB trainer is a fulfilling experience: 

With every survey, the RAAB trainer assists to build a stronger and more up to date picture of the avoidable blindness landscape — like a jigsaw puzzle. Personally, being a RAAB trainer has facilitated a deeper understanding of the structure and function of eye services, and it is so gratifying to be able to effect real change through supporting partners. Getting to know the survey team members has been wonderful, and the support from the RAAB team is also excellent!” – Dr Deon Minnies, RAAB Trainer 

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If you are interested in joining a future Training of Trainers programme, please contact us at raab_team@lshtm.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list. Information about future courses will be shared on this website. 

If you have any questions please contact raab_team@lshtm.ac.uk

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Icon image of two RAAB trainers. Credit: ICEH, LSHTM. All rights reserved.